Originality and true creativity requires independence.

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Empowering Artists

A platform built for you to earn off your designs and ideas. We provide the necessary framework to produce, promote, and sell your creations.

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We are against dead inventory. Our company is structured with the future in mind.   


We provide risk free income for independent artists, allowing creativity the space it needs to flourish.


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Livelihood Creation

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Fast Fashion - The Environment is Paying the Price

Fast Fashion makes clothes more affordable but what are the real costs?    The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions (4-5 Billion tonnes annually). 1 The fashion...

Top 7 most polluting industries

  Uncontrolled waste and pollution are choking our environment, impacting our health, and depressing our people.  Atif Kahn’s 2019 paper [1] displays a strong correlation between mental health issues and environmental...

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