What is (co)lab?

triART (co)lab is an original space that exists outside the confines of traditional retail.

Increasingly traditional retail suffers from questionable ethics; producing unsustainable amounts of waste and pollution, whilst monopolizing creativity through non-inclusive systems.

We are seeking to revolutionize retail for the better; cutting out the waste, prioritizing originality, and improving accessibility, whilst promoting independence.

The (co)lab series is a holistic solution designed to support and promote independence in creatives by providing manufacturing, promotion, sales, and distribution.

With this, we are able to empower artists, designers and small businesses to take back control in this increasingly commercial world.


How does it work? 

In pursuit of collaboration, we offer access to our facilities by providing creators an opportunity to monetize their art using a zero-waste and zero-risk approach.

We accomplish this by running a 30-day campaign with the artist's designs.
Once the design has met its pre-order milestone at the end of the 30 days, production begins.

Following the end of a successful campaign, purchasers receive their goods directly from us within 5-14 days (depending upon location).


Support a local artist now.