Mind Games Hoodie - MARBLE
Mind Games Hoodie - MARBLE
Mind Games Hoodie - MARBLE
Mind Games Hoodie - MARBLE

Mind Games Hoodie - MARBLE

a (co)lab with Chino Villagracia of Appreciate Y'all.

In his (co) lab with triART, Chino Villagracia creates Mind Games, a preamble piece for his forthcoming clothing brand, Appreciate Y’all, which he co-founded along with his friends. Overseeing the creative direction of the same, Villagracia analyzes the importance of putting up a brand of style that is not only adapted to a given purpose but also susceptible to overall growth by providing conscious options.

  • Blended Brushed Back Cotton
  • Superior Comfort
  • Sublimation print
  • Oversized fit
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Cut & Sew
  • 320gsm
_a triART initiative 

In pursuit of collaboration, we offer access to our facilities by providing creators and artists alike, an opportunity to merchandise their brand with a “zero-waste” approach.

This is accomplished by running a 30-day campaign with their designs. 
At the end of the campaign, and once the design has met its target amount of orders, we proceed with production. Support your favorite artists now!

All orders are on a “PRE-ORDER” basis.

Items ONLY go into production after the campaign has finished, given that the target number of units are ordered.

Items are shipped directly to you 3-10 days after a successful campaign.

We accept payments via Credit Card (Mastercard/Visa) & GCASH.

We ship locally and Internationally. 

Those who have purchased will be reimbursed in full, or alternatively, with Gift
Cards or Store Credit (can be put to be put towards another campaign or to simply purchase another item within the store).

We provide refunds only on purchases of campaigns that don't reach their goal.

Disclaimer: International purchases of campaigns that are unsuccessful can only be refunded with store credit.