"Ronin" Fleece Shorts - WHITE
"Ronin" Fleece Shorts - WHITE
"Ronin" Fleece Shorts - WHITE
"Ronin" Fleece Shorts - WHITE

"Ronin" Fleece Shorts - WHITE

a (co)lab with Harveyisdead.

"When I came to Larry Ohaka for my idea, I wanted him to create a character that both embodies contemporary art, pop art, and angst. The character is a representation of myself drawn as an anime character fully decked out with my own design, breaking the fourth wall. My intention for this Character is to develop it further and create a 3d printed action figure which will be released in the near future.

While growing up as a kid in the Philippines, Anime was a big part of my early Saturday mornings, and as early as I can remember I was obsessed with trying to create my own character and Larry has helped me turn that vision into a reality. The cloud logo is a direct homage to Mashashi Kishimoto's Akatsuki characters from his hit anime, Naruto."

  • Blended Brushed Back Cotton
  • Superior Comfort
  • Silkscreen print
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Cut & Sew
  • 320gsm

    * Our minimal finishing processes eliminate the harmful and toxic chemicals involved in traditional fabric production.

    * 30day campaign - deliveries will be fulfilled weekly.

_a triART initiative 

In pursuit of collaboration, we offer access to our facilities by providing creators and artists alike, an opportunity to merchandise their brand with a “zero-waste” approach.

This is accomplished by running a 30-day campaign with their designs. 
At the end of the campaign, and once the design has met its target amount of orders, we proceed with production. Support your favorite artists now!


All orders are on a “PRE-ORDER” basis.

Items ONLY go into production after the campaign has finished, given that the target number of pre-orders are met.

Items are shipped directly to you 5-10 days after a successful campaign.

We accept payments via Credit Card (Mastercard/Visa) & GCASH only.

We ship locally and Internationally. 

LOCAL: NinjaVan

Those who have purchased will be reimbursed in full, or alternatively, with Gift
Cards or Store Credit (can be put to be put towards another campaign or to simply purchase another item within the store).

We provide refunds only on purchases of campaigns that don't reach their goal.

Disclaimer: International purchases of campaigns that are unsuccessful can only be refunded with store credit.